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Shaklee's 50th year.

Put your health concerns in the background by optimizing your lifestyle.*

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Shaklee 50th Anniversary Landmark Study

A groundbreaking study of long-term dietary supplement users showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both other mutlivitamin and non-supplement users.

Shaklee leveraged the results of that study to guide the development of Vitalizer™.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shaklee's new Vitalizer Pack.

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Shaklee: Best Corporate Environmental Responsiblity Program Award

Shaklee is Proud to Announce that it has been Honored with the Preeminent Business Award, the StevieŽ Award, for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program!

On June 12th in New York City, Shaklee was presented with the Stevie Award for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program. Among 14 qualified finalists, it was Shaklee's most recent environmental endeavors in 2007 that secured the prestigious award for Shaklee. The Stevie Awards were presented in over 40 categories including Best Overall Company, Best Executive, and Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program. The Stevie Awards are the world's premier business awards whose mission is to recognize and generate public awareness of excellence in the workplace.

Click here for Shaklee's Press Release.

Green Goes With Everything
by Sloan Barnett

Green Goes With Everything FLYER

GET CLEAN™ - Safe for You, Your Family and the Planet™.
Get Clean - You Can Make A Difference.
You don't just save money and reduce your impact on the environment - these products outperform national brands!

Isn't it time to break wasteful habits by adding your own water and measuring more carefully? And, why lug all that heavy stuff home from the market? Save many ways with Shaklee!

As seen on CNBC's show _High Net Worth_
CNBC's High Net Worth

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PDF Presentation (5 MB, 17 pages)

Basic-H2 Cindy Latham, Senior Vice President of Marketing, was featured on New York's CW-11 news on November 5th during the 7 am morning show. Cindy talked about tips for greening the home as well as the Shaklee Get Clean line. CW-11 boasts 97,839 viewers per show so this was great coverage!

The real dirt on clean.
4 simple ways to Get Clean.

Get Clean™ Overview
Compare Get Clean™ with leading Brands
Surface Cleaning Guide

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Get Clean Brochure
Safe Clean. Powerful Clean. Green Clean. Smart Clean.

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Product Philosophy: The Shaklee Difference
Safely natural, purely effective, guaranteed.

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new management.

Shaklee's resources for physicians and health care professionals.
Shaklee's web site for Physicians
and Health Care Professionals


Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval. Shaklee Corporation is the proud recipient of the influential PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Media Inc.'s Seal of Approval for excellence in parenting products. Shaklee Get Clean® Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, Dish Wash Concentrate and Automatic Dish Wash Concentrate were selected based on their value, functionality, quality and appeal of the product in the "Green" category.

Being honored with an award from PTPA Media Inc. is a huge achievement for a product geared to babies, children and parents. "We are thrilled to be recognized by PTPA for our environmentally friendly Get Clean household cleaning line," said Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO, Shaklee Corporation, "This latest award is a testament to Shaklee's dedication to creating products that are always safe, always work and are always green."

With Global Warming, toxic household cleaners, and environmentally responsible lifestyles making more and more headlines; Shaklee is becoming recognized more and more for its enabling history.

TV endorsement On Oprah's 2007 Earth Day show Roger Barnett's (our CEO) experience dealing with their son's athsma was featured. Shaklee was part of the solution. Oprah endorsed Shaklee's new Get Clean™ products and Roger provided Get Clean™ baskets for the audience and made a special discount offer to viewers of the show - and extended it to all of us.

"I've been a steady user of the distilled white vinegar/baking soda/salt/lemon approach to cleaning for many years. But I recently decided to try the new line of Get Clean household products from Shaklee. ... I am truly amazed by their effectiveness and eco-friendliness." — —— Get Clean Quick Scheme
While cleaning products don't usually garner excitement, I was downright giddy when I got a delivery from Shaklee. is an environmentally focused blog written by green expert Zem Joaquin
There are fewer things that you can do to make a quick, immediate, easy difference in the environment than changing what you use to clean your house and what you put down your drains. I should have thought about making a change like this a long time ago.
Natural Health Magazine - March 2007, pg 30
clean and green
ECO-FRIENDLY LAUNDRY PRODUCTS are free of harsh ingredients like artificial preservatives and perfumes, so they're gentler on clothes and safer for the planet thatn traditional cleaners. "If you're new to the green movement or are working on slowly phasing synthetic chemicals out of your life, your home is a great place to begin" says Linda Mason Hunter, author of Creating a Safe and Healthy Home (Creative, 2005). Get a fresh start with these editor tested essentials. -S.A.
3. Conventional dryer sheets coat clothes with wax and perfumes and are slow to break down once they're disgarded. Shaklee Get Clean Soft Fabric Dryer Seets ($9.95, $8.45MN -ed.) are veggie-based, fragrance free, biodegradable and recyclable.
Eco-Socialites Make Cleaning Green a Priority
Get Clean™ at the Academy Awards

Shaklee was again endorsed on the January 4, 2008 Oprah show.
Click here to go to her website.
Click here for a summary of the Earth Day 2007 segment

Shaklee GetClean™ on the Rachael Ray Show!

Shaklee was presented on The Rachael Ray Show
March 14th, in Lara Spencer's "The Dish"
- a segment of the show that covers Rachael's favorite products!


Check out Colin Cowie's new book Colin Cowie CHIC: The Guide To Life As It Should Be!
Shaklee GetClean™ products are featured in a full-page photo on page 76 in the "Eco-Conscious Living: Green is Clean" chapter, which includes tips on how we can stop climate change.

Million Trees - Million Dreams logo "This year is particularly important for Shaklee because we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary, and in honor of our anniversary we are announcing A Million Trees. A Million Dreams.™ – our biggest global environmental campaign, which will begin this Earth Day on April 22nd," said Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett.

In honor of the Shaklee Corporation's 50th Anniversary, Shaklee will begin a North American tree-planting campaign to take place across the United States and Canada and last throughout the entire year. Shaklee Corporation's more than 750,000 Distributors will organize tree-planting events in their respective communities ­ at parks, schools, and other public areas. The company's goal is to plant more than one million trees throughout North America to help offset a significant portion of the CO2 the company must produce to conduct business. At the same time, Shaklee wants to raise public awareness of global climate change and the need to address it. Click here to read more about Global Campaign launch.

To learn more, go to the Million Trees - Million Dreams web site, and then go to Dave's Shaklee web site.

My interest in Shaklee came because of the first Earth Day. Shaklee's commitment to helping people live responsibly on the Earth has continued to impress me. Shaklee has an ongoing partnership with Wangari Maathai's (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2004) "Green Belt Movement."

Wangari Maathai

Shaklee Contributes to
Green Belt

Wangari Maathai at
Shaklee Conference 8/12/05

The Green Belt Movement

CINCH™ - Inch loss plan. A plan for the rest of us.
CINCH - inch loss plan

Formulated to help break the diet cycle, so you can:
  • Keep muscle you have.
  • Burn fat you don't need.
  • Lose inches you don't want.
This isn't about getting beautiful. You already are. This is about getting healthy.
Are you ready to get Cinched?
We've got great products, and all the support tools to keep you on track so you can achieve your goals.

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Roger Barnett & Wangari Maathai

On April 25, 2005 Shaklee Corporation welcomed 2004 Nobel Peace laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai to its corporate headquarters in Pleasanton for a special tree-planting ceremony celebrating the launch of Shaklee's global environmental initiative, A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™. Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee, thanked Dr. Maathai for her groundbreaking work with the Green Belt Movement and for providing the inspiration for many other environmental campaigns. Barnett also presented Dr. Maathai with a check for $100,000 to plant one million trees in Kenya through the Green Belt Movement

"This year is particularly important for Shaklee because we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, and in honor of our anniversary, we have launched our biggest global environmental campaign on Earth Day - A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™, said Barnett. "The Green Belt Movement shares Shaklee's model for promoting environmental sustainability. We would like to duplicate the efforts of the Green Belt Movement in the United States and Canada. I thank Dr. Wangari Maathai for being such an inspiration to the people of Kenya and to people around the world and for setting an example for social responsibility and environmental activism."

"Planting a tree is one simple action that we each can take to help make our world a better and safer place. I thank Shaklee for taking this step to help improve our world and make the earth a safer place for all of us. I look forward to continue working together with Shaklee and supporting your efforts with A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™, said Dr. Maathai.

Folks, the absolute best way to get detailed information about Shaklee is at my official Shaklee website:

Another excellent resource is the: Shaklee Corporation - Official Website
And, People Helping People: Shaklee Cares

Shaklee Corporation was purchased (May, 2004) and is once again in the hands of a dedicated, talented individual. Learn how Roger Barnett has bolstered the original Dr. Shaklee spirit throughout Shaklee and in inspiring product developers and sales leaders to 21st Century greatness.

Dr. Forest C. Shaklee and Roger Barnett, new Shaklee owner.
The Power of One Man's DREAMS
A Tribute to Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee
by Roger Barnett, Shaklee Chairman and CEO

Shaklee Press Release
New Owner

Sales Leader's

Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO

A Master Coordinator's

Phone Conference

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee



My appreciation of Shaklee was also inspired by her, nearly unique, commitment to excellent science. Our newest product - NutriFeron™ - was developed by the discoverer of interferon. It naturally activates the production of your body's immune system's interferon.

Shaklee's NutriFeron(tm) interferon booster
Shaklee's NutriFeron™
Talk Sheet

Shaklee's NutriFeron™
Clinical Studies

Shaklee's NutriFeron(tm)

These will help you keep up-to-date with Shaklee.

Hear Shaklee Success Stories

Dial 1-866-490-4311 to access great 3-minute Shaklee Success Stories
  • Roger Barnett - Shaklee Chairman & CEO explains why he and his family believe Shaklee is the Crown Jewel of the Network Marketing industry.
  • Sherrie Attila - stay at home mom shares how she created her own future through Shaklee
  • Rick Seymour - former aerospace engineer shares why making a career transition to Shaklee offered financial independence and self-empowerment
  • Kathi Minsky - successful real estate professional transitioned from a high-stress career to the flexible lifestyle of Shaklee, with residual income
  • Steve Chaney, Ph.D. - biomedical researcher/medical school professor explains the quality and integrity of Shaklee products
  • Teresia Radtke - environmental educator on living your values through Shaklee
  • Shawn Gray - commercial airline pilot and former franchise business owner on the benefits of the Shaklee business
  • Coletta Haskins - nurse whose passion for Shaklee gives her freedom and the time to spend with her family
  • Steven Toovell - teacher who found that his desire to help others was a natural fit with Shaklee

US Ski Team and SnowBoarding

The U.S. Ski Team is comprised of 14 different men's and women's national teams in Alpine, Cross Country, Disabled, Freestyle, Jumping, Nordic Combined and SnowBoarding categories and has been training with Shaklee as their official nutritional sponsor for the past two years. The teams are competing hard and are very selective about their nutrition, so Shaklee is honored to be the product of choice for this outstanding line-up of athletes. If you saw Hanna Kearny at the Chicago Conference this past August, watch for her - she is unstoppable!

Shaklee works closely with the team nutritionist; keeping athletes healthy is the primary challenge as they push through tough competition schedules. Their goal is to win the most medals of any nation in skiing and snowboarding this month, when all eyes will turn to Torino, Italy, February 10-26, 2006.

Here's what the United States Ski Association (USSA) Sports Dietitian and Physiologist, Susie Simmons, had to say about NutriFeron:
"NutriFeron has had a huge impact on the health of many of our athletes. U.S. Ski Team & U.S. Snowboarders travel four to five months straight each year, flying in winter conditions to many different countries. NutriFeron makes a big difference in strengthening their immune systems, as they push through jet lag, drastic temperature, tough training and the stress through competition. The team takes NutriFeron wherever in the world they are traveling to train and compete."

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*Nutrition you can thrive on, the air you breathe, the water you drink,
the skin care you desire, the cleaning products for a healthy home and environment,
and friendships and financial opportunities that make life more rewarding.
From a company with a scientific heritage going back to 1912. A leading researcher in the field.
Providing excellent products since 1956. The world's first and still only "Climate Neutral™" enterprise.

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Shaklee receives Global Green Award

Global Green award information


Shaklee Cares - charitable organization
Shaklee Cares® and Hurricane Katrina
Help provide much needed supplies and assistance to victims of many disasters through our nonprofit charity, Shaklee Cares.

Healthy Child Healthy World

Go to the Millennium Promise web site.

Will Steeger Foundations Global Warming 101 web site.


As we move into the fall season, we also move into a time for awards. With the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize winners – Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – we are seeing a trend of recognition for leaders making a difference on the most significant issue of our time.

Will Steger will be honored this month at the Explorers Club with their Lowell Thomas Award for exploring climate change.

Next month Will and Sir Richard Branson will receive National Geographic Adventure's Lifetime Achievement Award for their lifetime of achievements in exploration and for the success of the Global Warming 101 Expedition in Baffin Island.

Congratulations to our outstanding friends!

Partners for a
Healthy Environment

Helping to eliminate impacts on the earth's climate.

Studies dolphins in their natural environment.

Kids for Saving Earth Worldwide.

Dedicated to the global conservation of whales

Education, cultural preservation, health care and environmental conservation in the Himalayas.

Health Sciences

The story of Shaklee and Global Climate Change

Company Philosophy

The story of Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.
Dr. Forest C. Shaklee, Sr.

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