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Web Site Design - Internet Services

Welcome to North Brevard's Community Junction on the Information Superhighway - Where your business can reach the people of the Titusville area AND the World!

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4 parts of a Web presence   |   Some GRAPHICS you might use

Titusville Area
We share the success of the North Brevard Business Directory with you to provide you with remarkably cost effective access by the 2,400+ people who use the NBBD every day.
    The World on the Internet
Wherever you are located. If you need to market your business, spread information, establish eCommerce; we have highly experienced professionals available to make it happen.
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Look at the possibilities:


One graphic, contact info,
75 words of description.

Test the waters - inexpensively
      Set up a Webpage on the NBBD for $45.00 for 3 months hosting/marketing. Production of the page is generally $40.00. With up to 5 pictures or graphics and up to 500 words, you can tell your story more effectively and completely than any print ad or brochure could do.
      Since these sites on the NBBD are spidered by the Search Engines regularly, you are as likely to show up on search engines as an independent domain! This can easily grow to a Website or a full Domain.

Draw more visits to your existing domain
      Your NBBD WebPage or WebCard acts as a second web site where the Search Engines very effectively lead customers to your primary domain.

Provide vast amounts of information.
A Full Website on the NBBD can provide unlimited amounts of information to your prospcets. As many Web Pages as you need to give details on each product line and service that you offer. These pages can include price lists, answer Frequently Asked Questions, offer options, offer bios of your staff, and much more. Restaurant menus go here. Your URL would be "www.nbbd.com/yourbusiness/" and it costs just $60.00 for 3 months. Homepage production is generally $40.00 with $20.00 for additional pages.

Your own magnificantly supported domain.
Your own www.yourbusiness.com. The triple punch of the NBBD!   1) Your own beautifully executed domain web site. 2) A Link Web Page on the NBBD. 3) Benefit from our marketing skills and techniques focused on your Domain. Through our partnerships we can provide high level graphical interfaces and eCommerce solutions for your needs. All this for only $40.00 per month.
Advertise on the NBBD
Your Advertising Button on many Community Service webpages. Tremendous exposure! DETAILS

    Peak Performance Co. can help you to:

  • Determine if the Domain name you want is still available; called a "who-is" search.
  • Register your Domain name for $25.00/yr or $40.00/2 yr.
  • Register a second Domain name and use it as a "pointer" to your main Domain.
  • Set up your domain no matter where you are. We have produced Domains for businesses in the Northeast and in California, as well as here in Florida.
  • Grow your Internet presence in a logical manner from a very simple, helpful web page to one of the most sophisticated web sites out there. This takes more skills than it would seem at first blush!
  • We go beyond marketing your web site. We help you integrate your web site into your total marketing effort.

My Background

My training is as an educator and I have experience in teaching and curriculum development. These skills help in developing a website that logically provides the basic information and then develops the more sophisticated services and products that you provide to meet customer's needs. Those research skills help too!

My 39 years of experience as an entrepeneur help me to understand the workings of a business. The store that I started in 1971, and ran for 15 years, is still in business. Our brainstorming sessions will help us understand what needs to be communicated to the public.

Experience has helped me develop techniques that make it easy for you to provide the information needed to produce an excellent, well rounded web site. It's a form that you complete in your word processor!

I became convinced of the value of computers in 1981 when I watched a computer with 8K of memory help my Down's Syndrome daughter learn to read. It is an extraordinary tool!

My son, Colgate '99, observed: "If it isn't on the Internet, to my generation it doesn't exist."

"Yellow pages are a newspaper that sat in the sun too long!"

2009 - More people look for businesses on the Internet than in the "Yellow Pages."

Non-Profit Organizations
For years, since 1996, I have provided local, smaller non-profit organizations with NBBD webpages and websites at no charge. With the growth of the NBBD, that is not viable for me any longer. I am asking non-profits to pay 1/2 of what a commercial site would for hosting and I shall act as a volunteer webmaster to produce and market the page.

The cost (10/2010) would be $90.00/year (billed twice at $45.00) for a year for a webpage and $120.00/year (billed twice at $60.00) for a website (multiple webpages). A webcard would be $45.00 for a year.

By clicking here, you can see that the NBBD has very extensive usage for our community.
You can see the many organizations that I support onhttp://www.nbbd.com/npr/.

Please call for information: 321-267-7367.

The 4 parts of a Web Domain presence

If you want to own your own domain name (ie: yourname.com). Not needed for a web site on NBBD.COM. Information.
Rental of space on the server (computer) that is connected to the Internet or on the Community Directory NBBD.COM. Information.
The time spent gathering materials, preparing text, photos and graphics for the Web, coding in HTML, and setting the web site up on the host (server). Information.
Optimizing your web site so that it shows up on the Search Engines. Submitting to the Search Engines. Informing you on how to integrate it into your other marketing activities.

A web site on NBBD.COM puts you in the major Internet gateway to our community and pretty much assures your placement on the Search Engines as well. Information.

Interested?   Call us for a brainstorming session: 267-7367
The links below will help you explore our services.

  1. SELECT THE TYPE OF WEBSITE YOU NEED - Our hosting services.
  2. REGISTER and SERVICE YOUR DOMAIN NAME - Do a "who is" search.

What you don't see is our very unique way of making it rather easy for you to put together the information needed to produce your successful website. You'll have to ask about that.

Founded in 1996, our directory has become the equivalent of a 4-5000 page encyclopedia of information about Titusville and North Brevard Florida. It is visited about 2,500 times daily and ranks in the top 10% of "most linked to" websites on the Internet, and has been determined to be Brevard County's most popular general-interest web site. We have created over 400 websites (4,500+ webpages) for businesses, nonprofit organizations and activities in the area. All are linked together to help build community. 51 of the business and organization domains that we have created are linked from the NBBD.

The non-business websites (nearly 3/4 of the NBBD) are contributed to the community by Peak Performance Co. This is made possible by the businesses whom we service. They are our "sponsors" and they keep me fed ;-). They enable me to fulfill a dream of helping to build community. Thank you. Some businesses have seen scores of daily visitors from all over the world. Others are visited a few times each day by people seeking detailed information about their specific products and services.


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PayPal has over 150 million members. It is the easiest way to receive secure payments.
PayPal lets you accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more—at some of the lowest costs in the industry. Plus, your customers can pay you instantly, even without a PayPal account.
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PayPal business services

We can set up a simple, low cost shopping cart using PayPal on your NBBD web site or your domain.

What are they saying about NBBD.COM?

LinkedIn Recommendation: "David is a extremely reliable, super easy to work with, and really cares about his customers. He always made the process very easy and doesn't let limitations get in the way of accomplishing whatever it is you need."
Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer
Year first hired: 1998 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Joanna Webb, National Friends and Partnership Coordinator at US Fish and Wildlife Service
I use your site every week. Today I'm taking my parents, granddaughter and sister one of the sites I found (through your link). Thanks so much for showing us what there is to do in the area. I recommend this site to everyone I know. It's great!!
I thought you would like to know. The USA Network contacted me last week. They visited the IRAS webpage and were impressed. They want to do a segment on us for the Ready for the Weekend Movie that they show weekly on USA.
Tom Penders, president - Indian River Anthropological Society
I think the News link (on our web site) is a great idea - how about expanding on it by adding the same statement to the caregiving web page? Thanks for thinking to do this.
Denny, Hospice of St. Francis

Your instructions have been very helpful to us. Not only to gather the information necessary for the website, but the process forced us to examine our business in great detail. By listing each service and each line of merchandise, we have reevaluated all that we do. The process turned out to be very valuable and timely. This will be our third year at this location, so it is the right time to look at exactly what we have done and where we need to focus for the future. Thank you for giving us the guideline and the motivation to do this. Cynthia - Conrad Pools

Hello Dave
      When my daughter talked me into getting a website for the restaurant, I was skeptical about its usefulness. However, I have since changed my mind. It pleases me when people comment about what an excellent website the restaurant has. I really like the way a person can pick out a panel of our wildlife mural and magnify it, or print a copy of our menu if they want one. The website has provided an economical way to promote the restaurant all over the world. Some people are even sending us e-mails to request reservations or place carry out orders. And they certainly don't waste any time using e-mails to communicate when they have had a problem here. When we requested that you change the look of the website to match our new brochure, you did so right away. I am very impressed with the dedication to the community you have shown in your work with the North Brevard Business Directory. I am proud to be a part of it.
      Rodney S. Thompson
      Owner, Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant
      Titusville, Florida

Thank you SOOOO much, Dave!
      Your work is definitely paying off! I got another $3000 sponsor from Dallas all because I could direct them to your work. Without it, we'd be dead in the water!
      Patricia Barber
      Administrator - Space Fest 2001

Planning to retire to the Space Coast in ten years. In the meantime, thank you for the beautiful webpage.
Hello Dave,
      Thank you for the great work you've done for Best Western Space Shuttle Inn.
      New business directly resulting from our web site has more than quadrupled in the last year. As I survey callers, the most common answer is that the caller saw our web site. Many comment on how searcher friendly and informative our site is.
      Most recently, your suggestion to add the text box resulted in our being noticed, within 24 hours, by a reporter for the Miami Herald Travel Magazine, who used information from our site to write an article about us, published August 19, 2001. Exposure like that is so much more effective than a print ad, and it cost us nothing. The Summer Vacation Package that was featured in the text box was booked by six guests within the first two days, making it the most successful promotion ever for our hotel, with the fastest response.
      Please continue to make suggestions as new technologies and products become available. I anticipate website-driven business to increase in the future. To accommodate this, we will be adding email terminals for our reservation agents, to allow for the transition as phone calls decrease and email inquiries increase.
      All of this is a direct result of our very effective web site and the work you've done for us.
      Best Regards,
      Nancy Evans
      Director of Sales & Marketing
      Best Western Space Shuttle Inn

Dear Dave
      Thank you for the work you do for this community on the North Brevard Business Directory, and for hosting the website for the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. Many festival participants located the event, and traveled here to attend it, because of the website. The selfless hours you have spent promoting this community, it's businesses, and activities are greatly appreciated.
      Laurilee Thompson
      Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival Steering Committee Chair

Subject: Titusville's web site.
      Dear Dave,
      On August 13th I received a call from a Mr. Fritz Friedman from Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Friedman has just recently inherited 10 acres of land in Titusville and got my name off the Transformation website. In the course of our conversation he praised the City's website saying it is the best one he has encountered so far. Congratulations, and thank you for the excellent work you are doing for our City and for Transformation Titusville.
      George Mosakowski
      Transformation Titusville Coordinator.
Peak Performance Co. developed and maintained the City of Titusville's website on a semi-volunteer basis from May 9, 2000 to March, 2002.

      WOW. What a quick response. Thank you so much.
      I have learned more about Titusville since you started this web site than I had known in the 15 previous years of living here. I had company come in last week and I showed them the web site so they could see what all is here. It is great for the city.
      Thank you, Renee S., SPCA Web Site Volunteer

Your web site is very well organized and the many links, maps, lists, etc. are very useful. We will use a lot of the information available from the site for our trips following the (Space Coast Birding & Wildlife -ed.) festival.
      Mark - Gland, Switzerland

Hello Dave,
      I see that you've been busy with NBBD and it looks great. Did you know that NBBD is Brevard's most popular general-interest web site? I think that's great.
      Warren Dodd
      All Brevard Web Sites, Inc., Melbourne, FL

Dear webmaster,
Your Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival is one of the best and well-done web sites I have ever visited.
Thanks. Bob, St. Johns River Water Management District
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